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Farm Management

Qualified to provide sound advice on farm management and the effect that changes can have on efficiency and profitability.    

     > Completed the Farm Consultancy course through UNE

     > Survived all that the weather, markets and bureaucracy can throw at an agricultural enterprise.

     > Whether considering a small change to current practices or a possible new enterprise, Clear View can assist and work with you to evaluate the possible outcomes that are possible well before any capital costs are incurred.


     > A full analysis of the potential of either an existing business or new initiative

     > Decisions based on resources available and financial constraints to production within your current management program

     > Explore what is possible with realistic changes to management structure

     > If we cannot fully investigate the outcomes we have access to financial experts that can assist

     > Are you making the best use of all your financial resources?

     > Could you make better use of limited finacial resorces to reduce financial risk?



     > Using historical industry information based on well respected strategies

     > Realistic production gains can be investigated across a range of possible management alternatives

     > Can the cost of production be reduced without sacrificing production levels?

     > Both cropping and livestock enterprises or a combination of both can be included in the analysis.

     > Is it possible to increase production without making changes that increase cost of production?

     > Does your current management strategy make best use of all your resources, both on-farm and personal?