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Press Articles

Murray is often asked for industry comment on new initiatives or issues within the sheep industry. A recent selection is listed below.


DNA testing of Sheep Pays Off

Country News, Jan 21st 2014

DNA Testing Kicking Goals

FarmOnline, 25th jan 2014

DNA With Bite

MLA, Livestock Production

DNA Identifies Superior Sires in Sheep Breeding Programs

Seedstock Central

DNA Testing for Meat Eating Quality Genetics

Seedstock Central

DNA Program Tests for Tastier Lamb (Radio Interview)

ABC Rural

Lamb Losses a drain on Farmers and Industry

Border Mail, March 2015

Lifting lamb survival rates on commercial farms critical to national ewe flock’s future

The Rural, March 2015

Team DNA profiling delivers Highly Predictable Performance of Future Lambs

Youtube Video Clip

Sheep CRC News Release, 2014

Sheep CRC chief executive James Rowe says industry benefits from genomic advances, at Adelaide conference

Weekly Times 2014

 Genomics Streamline Sheep Management and Predicts Performance

Seedstock Central

Merino Industry Needs to Embrace DNA Testing

Seedstock Central

SuperWhites using DNA to Meat Future expectations

Sheep CRC News Release

Tests Key to Tender Meat

Western Magazine 2014

Sheep Genomics Research will Create Tender Competitive Meat

Farming Ahead Online 2014

Australia -  White Suffolk Sheep

Meat Trade News Daily

Genomics Help Push Superwhites

Stock and Land 2013

Special Sash Presented to Nalvin Park at Wagin

Farm Weekly 2010

Genomic Revolution to Hit Turbo Drive in Sheep CRC Extension Bid

Farm Business 2013

AWI Support Disappointing

Southern Weekly March 2014

Focus on Lamb Survival at Uralla Field Day

The Land July 2015

A Long Passion - Stud success at Ardlethan

Delta Ag - Prospect Magazine (Winter 2015)

Trial focuses on ideal body condition scores for prime lamb dams

Seddstock Central October 2015

TAIC to Host Leading Livestock Research

Farmlink 2016

Key Profit Drivers Sought in Trial

The Rural (January 2016)